Tangible CNC


I’ve been thinking about starting a new project to make digital fabrication more accessible and customizable. The Make-Machines Initiative is still in its early stages. Still, the objective is clear: to create a variety of multifunctional machines capable of drawing, cutting, 3D printing, and other tasks while remaining user-friendly for non-experts.

Open architecture

Open architecture is one of the primary aspects I wish to include. Users would be able to connect their tools and modules, making the machine flexible to a variety of creative demands. The goal is not merely to give a tool but also to create a platform for limitless possibilities.

User Empowerment

The emphasis will be on user-centric design, allowing individuals to change and control the machine’s functions quickly. The goal is to reduce the fear factor associated with digital manufacturing technologies, making them more accessible to a broader audience.


Create a prototype that showcases the capabilities of the machine and its open design.

Make a user interface that is simple enough for non-experts to utilize.

Investigate the creative possibilities that such a machine may provide.

Following Steps

This project is still in the planning stages, but I’m excited to get started. I’ll provide updates as things move, and I welcome partnerships or comments from people with a similar interest in democratizing digital manufacturing.